We collaborate

Peer driven research, information sharing, analysis and coordination

CISO Lens is the premier information sharing and analysis community for cyber security executives from the largest organisations in Australia and New Zealand. 

Our mission is to support the cyber resilience of Australia and New Zealand. We work toward this mission through:

A key driver for the creation of CISO Lens was the recognition that cyber risk is a business issue that can be most effectively addressed through collaboration across organisations and industries.  

CISO Lens membership, in addition to the services of a strategic ISAC, enables evidence-based decision making around strategy and resource allocation. The goal is to support governance and informed decision making, resulting in a commensurate and timely response to cyber risks. 

Part of the challenge in presenting a commensurate response to online risks in a hyper-connected world is the need for continual evolution. While all organisations must manage the risks that come hand in hand with being online, very large organisations face additional complexities. So, CISO Lens is designed for very large ASX/NZX companies, critical infrastructure providers, and large government departments.  These organisations have the largest numbers of staff, the most complex environments, and support millions of customers and citizens. 

We have a contact form if you have an enquiry. Please note, if you are enquiring about potential membership you must be referred by someone in the CISO Lens community, which includes our alumni network. 

CISO Lens was founded in January 2015.