Hi, I'm James Turner and I'm the founder of CISO Lens.

CISO Lens was created in January 2015 at a roundtable of five of the top Australian cyber security executives. I brought that small group of CISOs together to thank them for the insights they’d shared with me as an industry analyst focusing on security since 2005. They had helped to educate me, and that made an inordinate difference to my mostly CIO clients. I also asked the CISOs how I could support them.

The CISOs said they wanted the opportunity to network with their peers in a vendor independent environment.

So, that's what we created.

That's what CISO Lens is - a forum for the leading cyber security executives of Australia and New Zealand to share better practices and, thereby, raise the capability of all their organisations.

The goal of every CISO is to facilitate informed decisions within their organisation. That's at the heart of what CISO Lens is about.

Now, I continue to work as an industry analyst within a specific community of executives that carry big accountabilities. I gather information, distil it, analyse it, and disseminate it.

From 2007 to 2018, I had the privilege of working at IBRS, a demand-side analyst firm, as an advisor covering the security industry. The relentless research agenda of IBRS, and mentoring by legendary analysts like Dr Kevin McIsaac and Dr Joseph Sweeney, helped me author over 100 peer reviewed advisory notes.

My time at IBRS forged me as an analyst and I use that training and experience to support the CISO Lens community.