SOC Leaders

In 2020, we brought together a handful of people who led security operations for their CISOs, to share how they were running their Security Operation Centres while all their staff were working from home. 

Since that first online roundtable, this group of CISO direct reports evolved into the SOC Leaders and has grown from strength to strength. 

Now the SOC Leaders community supports CISO Lens members by having the lead security operations person in a collaborative environment of peers and sharing lessons learned. The SOC Leaders community is fundamentally a structure designed to support good governance.

This community continues to collaborate intensively on the big questions for people running security operations within their organisations. 

The SOC Leaders discuss vendors regularly, both established and emerging, and CISO Lens is committed to adhering to all relevant competition laws. 

Participation in the SOC Leaders is an ancillary membership, and is only available to named individuals at organisations that already have CISO Lens member. The nominee for SOC Leaders must report to the member CISO/CSO. 

SOC Leaders is coordinated by Nadia Yousef.