Corporate Social Responsibility

CISO Lens was created to support the most senior security executives from the largest and most systemically valuable organisations in our region. Our mission is to support the cyber resilience of the economies and the people of Australia and New Zealand. And, while our work is predominantly online, our concern and our work is for the well-being of people - members of our communities and families, our industry colleagues, and our friends. 

Consequently, CISO Lens is committed to not only being a law-abiding enterprise - which is the bare minimum we should expect of any company trading in this region - but we are committed to making a positive difference to society. We are a for profit company, but we are ‘mission over profit’.

So, these are some of the core areas where CISO Lens aims to, humbly, add our effort to the betterment of our region; through aligning our actions with our claims.


What we say:

CISO Lens works hard to ensure that we identify and avoid any conflicts of interest. CISO Lens holds that the money flow does determine who is actually the client, and it’s imperative that our clients know that they are not our product.

What we do:

CISO Lens does not admit organisations that have security sales as a core line of business, or admit people that carry a sales target.

CISO Lens does not take money from companies that have security sales as a core line of business.

CISO Lens does not provide information on our clients to vendors or conduct any form of lead generation on behalf of vendors. 


What we say:

CISO Lens holds that diversity is important to ensure better thinking and more comprehensive resources being brought to each question, and in the security domain the questions are wicked. At an even simpler and more important level, diversity is about fairness and dignity for all.

What we do:

CISO Lens is a proud sponsor of the Australian Women in Security Network. We are also AWSN's longest sponsor, and provided financial support to this important initiative in; 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.

We believe there is not another movement in Australia that is helping improve the culture of the Australian security industry the way AWSN is. The Australian Women in Security Network is encouraging more women to participate in the security industry and provide them with connections and support through their careers. 

Social impact

What we say:

CISO Lens holds that when there is clear evidence on the negative effect of some addictions, it is irresponsible for society to continue to tolerate organisations that feed off the suffering of individuals and their families.  

What we do:

There are industry sectors that CISO Lens does not consider are aligned with our purpose and we choose not to do business with organisations in these sectors. In Australia and New Zealand, the two principal sectors that we feel do not align with our purpose are: gambling, and tobacco.

CISO Lens also sponsors KYUP! Project, a groundbreaking, evidence-based initiative that confronts the alarming rates of violence against women and children in Australia. Shockingly, intimate partner violence is the leading cause of preventable death for girls aged 15 to women aged 44. To combat this issue, KYUP! Project programs and workshops focus on building self-worth and self-defense skills. So far, KYUP! Project has empowered over 10,000 young individuals throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Protecting people online

What we say:

CISO Lens supports the people that lead security in the largest organisations in our region. These organisations are important because they interact with large numbers of staff, customers, and citizens.  These staff, customers and citizens are our friends, family and communities. They deserve to be safe online, but their safety is not a given. These people need support at scale, and government bodies are best placed to do this. Consequently, CISO Lens sees these government bodies as vital allies.

What we do:

CISO Lens actively looks to work with government bodies that exist to support the safety and security of people online. The CEO of NetSafe, the eSafety Commissioner, the head of the ACSC, and the deputy director of CERT NZ have all presented at CISO Lens gatherings.